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Coping Skills, LLC

teaching coping skills & a resilient ​perspective through fun, educational ​workshops in the south jersey area

Lemonade Kids Learn to...

Build a Positive Mindset

Find Calm through Big Emotions

Share Attention

Manage Conflict

Navigate Disappointment

Win & Lose Gracefully

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A non-therapy option

to help your child:

  • Build coping skills through play,

peer interaction and

positive reinforcement

  • Have the opportunity to practice

their learning in real time

  • Learn strategies that will help

at home, school,

with friends and in sports settings

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Lemonade Coping Skills, LLC

"Helping children develop coping skills is like ​planting seeds of strength. As they grow, so does ​their capacity to face challenges with ​confidence."

  • Author Unknown

Lemonade Coping Skills, LLC

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Lemonade Coping Skills, LLC is a play-based skill building program that teaches coping skills & a resilient

perspective through fun, educational workshops - we compliment, but do not offer counseling services.